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Workforce Development

  • Workforce development framework for IDN region 4 – When it comes to increasing the behavioral health workforce, we at Network4Health are thinking about the short, medium and long term.  This will not only mean single initiatives that we roll out in the next 12 months, but also longer ones that last over the course of the grant and result in significant systems change.  These efforts will build a pipeline of workers entering and moving at all levels, and a confident and competent workforce that has access to education and professional development.  As we move forward in this work, we will be following this basic framework (Launch PP)

  • Training schedule - Network4Health is pleased to purchase seats for particular events. We are constantly updating our listing of upcoming events offered both locally and around the state that N4H will purchase seats at.  This is exclusive to Network4Health partner organizations only.  We have an automated process through which employees of partners can indicate to us that they are interested in attending.  Once they've done that, they can go on and register for the training.  Clicking on a link for any training will explain the process in more detail.

    • (to do:  send list of trainings and a way to indicate which are ready to accept applicants to sign up)

  • Resources for behavioral health careers – There are no fewer than 15 different job titles for careers in behavioral health and a variety of ways to grow in those careers.  Moreover, licensing and certifications for some roles requires very particular education or many hours of supervision.  It’s hard to know how to navigate through these waters.  Network4Health has created tools that help demystify the types of jobs in behavioral health fields as well as the education requirements, schools and licensing needed. 

    • Behavioral health career and education maps

    • BH career lattice

    • BH nursing career lattice

    • Career ladders

      • All ladders

      • SUD only

      • BH only

  • Resources for BH employers - We are constantly providing resources to our employer partners to help them engage, advance and retain their workforce.  We recognize that it is important to get people to enter the behavioral health workforce in the front door, but it is just as important to keep them leaving out the back.  We provide our partners with tips and tools for connecting with their workforce to increase engagement, promote advancement and increase retention. 

    • Career pathways within an employer worksheet

    • Prescriber Recruitment and Retention Initiative -

  • Workforce Wednesdays – published every other Wednesday, this connects our partners with training opportunities, links to resources, tips for managers, opportunities for feedback and much more.

    • January 3, 2018

    • January 17, 2018




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